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Western art and stationery for your shop

I'm proud to offer a product line that is unique and not on Amazon. The only other place you will find my product is on my own website! I run a woman owned business and some of my product is even produced in my town, making an even bigger impact. When you carry Tirzah Lane Art in your store, you support a community.

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I exclusively use Faire to sell my wholesale products! I carry over 300 products and add new products almost every month!

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Do you offer zip code exclusivity?

I do not! Some of my retailers are next door neighbors and I've never seen an issue with products not selling. If anything it creates a familiarity and trust with my brand and makes people more inclined to purchase! I see it as a positive thing!

I run a clothing boutique, do I really need stationery products in my store?

Absolutely! I may be biased, but I believe that adding a stationery line to your store can enhance your store as a whole! Instead of thinking of stationery as an afterthought, make it an integral part of your store! Stationery is still alive and well and can be a great impulse or add on item. Make it easy for your customers to shop for gifts. When you carry a wide variety of stationery, customers can do all their shopping in one place and even be reminded of other occasions that they still need gifts for.

What are your top-selling products?

Wildrags, stickers and cards!

I'm not sure how to display my cards, any advice?

Since cards are usually an impulse or add-on item, make sure they are where your customer can see them! Placing them near the cash register or in a center display seem sell the best. There are lots of options out there, but I recommend a table display or a fun wall display shelf!

I don't use Faire, do you sell wholesale outside of Faire?

Currently, I do not. I have found Faire to be the easiest and most efficient way to place an order. If you haven't joined, I highly recommend it!