Western Artist Tirzah Lane Art creating a cowgirl painting

How the West Has Inspired My Art

How the West Has Inspired My Art

The vast landscapes, untamed wilderness, and storied history of the American West have long captured the imaginations of artists and adventurers alike. For me, the allure of this rugged region has served as a wellspring of inspiration, guiding my creative journey and infusing my art with the essence of the West. 

A Passion for Adventure

My artistic journey began with a passion for exploration. I've always been drawn to the allure of wide-open spaces and the promise of untamed wilderness. I started my art career by primarily painting landscapes that I loved, scenes of Oregon and beyond. I live in the high desert of Oregon, I love the wide open spaces the stories that each little desert town holds, the dilapidated barns and the rollings hills of sagebrush.

The Spirit of the West

Beyond the landscape, I desired to tell the stories that it held. Especially in the stories of the people who had called this vast region home for generations. The spirit of the West, with its rugged individualism, resilience, and sense of freedom, became a central theme in my art

I love to use vibrant brushstrokes and bright colors to tell a story. Each stroke of my brush, I attempt to breathe life into the narratives of the past, preserving the heritage of the American West on canvas and beyond in a fun and playful way. 

I am inspired by the pioneers of the west in my own family, my great-great grandmother was a miner, they were some of the first to make the journey out west, and I hope to bring their legacy to the forefront with my art.